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Shernett Martin
Board Member

Shernett Martin is the Executive Director for ANCHOR (African Canadian National Coalition against Hate, Oppression and Racism. She has authored two University courses titled Equity & Inclusion in the classroom and Equity & Diversity Specialists. She has trained corporations, Government agencies, Police services, unions and School Boards in equity, diversity, anti-oppression and anti-Black racism.
She is an award-winning experienced equity & inclusion consultant, speaker, author, workshop developer and facilitator. Ms. Martin is an educator who has been recognized with multiple awards for her work in equity, diversity, inclusion education and philanthropy. She is committed to disrupting and dismantling anti-Black racism. She works with the community in capacity building and she is skilled in governing and leading non-profit organizations. Ms. Martin has been recognized as an exemplary teacher whose teaching style and classroom management skills have been featured in a media campaign for the Toronto District School Board and in various articles in the Voice Magazine. Shernett Martin holds a B.A in Sociology with a focus on Race Relations, Research and Practice, a B.Ed and she is completing a M.Ed from York University. She sits on numerous committees in an advisory capacity and is a mentor to youths throughout the GTA.

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