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Josie Rose
Executive Lead, Family Support Services

Josie is a Social Worker, counsellor, Professor at Seneca College, facilitator of mental health psycho-educational programs and social activist. Josie has an interest in intergenerational and cultural trauma, human rights, anti-oppression, and equity. Josie holds a Master of Social Work degree from University at Buffalo with a focus in Trauma Informed Care. Josie currently works as a Mental Health Case Manager assisting vulnerable individuals with mental health and intellectual disabilities, who have been impacted by homelessness, race and ethnicity, physical abilities, socioeconomic issues, and trauma. Josie is currently is the Chair of the York Regional Police Community Advisory Council (PCAC) where she has created and facilitated social justice and human Rights and hate crime prevention youth initiatives. Josie is an executive member of York Region Alliance of African Canadian Communities (YRAACC). Josie also sits as the Membership Outreach/Engagement Lead on the Social Planning Council of York Region and also on the Steering Committee for the Youth Homelessness Prevention & Housing Stabilization Strategy of York Region

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