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Strategic Plan

Parents of Black Children Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

Parents of Black Children Canada staff and executive members participated in consultations to address varying areas that were then incorporated into strategic planning sessions. Stakeholder feedback was also solicited and incorporated into the Strategic Plan.


Our three-year Strategic Plan seeks to:

  • Deepen PoBc’s accountability and governance structures
  • Build an operational plan that best employs PoBC staff talent and resources
  • Position PoBC to grow its work and mandate
  • Support PoBC’s financially and operationally sustainable future
  • Take account of the changing social, economic, and political landscape


Strategic Direction

Our strategy is to build a network for parents of Black children to advance the issues and concerns of Black families.


Future Forward. Together.

This is our Strategic Plan as we continue to transform lives and systems. Our plan will help our organization continue to blaze a trail for transformational change within the education system. It will allow the organization to scale and build a solid, sustainable foundation for the future.

We embrace our identity and are strong in our power. As we aspire to a society where inequity is not present, we will be bold in all our endeavours. We will continue to challenge ourselves to be better and unlock our potential for greatness.

Our Strategic Pillars 2022 - 2025


Strategic Pillar One: Advocacy & Transformational Change

It’s been three years since the launch of PoBC, which has become a well-formed advocacy group that seeks to transform education and adjacent systems. Our approach over the next three years is rooted in the creation of transformational change which will occur from our consistent advocacy efforts at the provincial and federal levels of government. The transformational change we seek rests in the disruption, destruction, and reconstruction of colonial systems built on anti-Black racism. By building on the strength of our team, nurturing leadership, and leveraging our key role in advocacy, we will be able to achieve our strategic objectives.

Strategic Pillar 2: Systems Navigation

Our goal is to expand our reach nationally and eventually internationally. In the next three years, PoBC intends to make specific gains in the areas of, understanding, supporting, and developing our network of systems navigators. To maintain its unique role, PoBC will continue to strategically align and expand its resources to ensure that it fulfils this mission. This is particularly important as systems navigation is at the heart of the services we provide and the need for support continues to see unprecedented growth.

Strategic Pillar 3: Knowledge Transfer and Exchange

PoBC is a catalyst for change and is a leading organization in the education sector. PoBC is engaged with advocacy and community work and will continue to work towards the dismantling of systemic barriers that impact our constituents. PoBC operates with an anti-racism lens with actionable mechanisms to address macro-level barriers and denounce discrimination. PoBC’s programs and services already reflect the strength of its commitment and relationships with the community and engagement with the larger society. PoBC is proud of the work that we do and the change that we are able to achieve. PoBC acknowledges that we can do more by working on clearly defined communication mechanisms, developing and maintaining clear commitments, and increasing funding.

Our Operational Plan

PoBC’s Executive Director will develop an Operational Plan that will outline the necessary resources and structures to facilitate the implementation of the Strategic Plan.


Sourcing and pursuing sustainable funding opportunities that align with the organization’s mandate, and for the purpose of building PoBC’s operating reserve.


Explore innovative approaches to fundraising.


Establishment of a PoBC social enterprise, which can generate fee-for-service opportunities.

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