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Waterloo Catholic school board provides progress update after police called to remove 4-year-old

Heather Senoran

November 2022

‘A voice for people’: Town hall set to bring Halton parents of Black children together

Roland Cillers

September 2022

Free legal aid now available to all Black students in Ontario schools

David Bajer

September 2022

Brandon Gonez Show: #NewsYouCanUse – August 12, 2022

Iman Walker

August 2022

Trustee amends motion that would have brought police back into York Catholic schools

Clara Pasieka

June 2022

The prospect of more police at schools is no comfort for Black parents

Caitlin Gibson and Clyde McGrady

June 2022

‘I feel so helpless’: Dad says his daughter faces anti-Black racism at Hamilton Catholic school

Bobby Hristova

May 2022

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