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Guiding Principles

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Analyzing Power

By scrutinising institutional influence, Parents of Black Children pledges to pinpoint and challenge the systems that adversely affect our children in the education system. We also recognise that, like many other institutions, the school system has been developed against a historical backdrop of colonialism, and anti-Black racism. These ideologies are ingrained in the fabric of the school system, threaded through education policies, practices and curriculum, resulting in the persistence of significant imbalances and inequalities for Black students.


Transparency and Accountability

We commit to operate in a fully transparent manner and to being accountable to our members. As such, PoBC commits to providing community members with detailed information about our organisation, including its processes, leadership, and outcomes.

Active Listening

We commit to making space to listen and solicit feedback from all members. We commit to prioritising and listening to the stories of our Black parents and children, elders, LBGTQ2S+, and members of religious minority groups, as told by them. We welcome White or other racialised parents of Black children and will support them through their concerns but ask that they recognise the privilege they carry as non-Black parents.

Appreciation and Gratitude

We will show appreciation and gratitude for the whole of each other’s personhood. We commit to respecting and nurturing all intersections of Blackness that make up each member. We will resist arrogance and judgement, be willing to share weaknesses, we will call each other out, and celebrate each other often. We will work uniformly, with one goal and do all that is in the best interest of our Black children, putting aside our own egos and personal ambitions for the liberation of our future…our children.

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