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Parents of Black Children Canada can only support and stand by Black students because you support and stand by us!

Parents of Black Children Canada is committed to serving Black students and families across Ontario. Your donations help us continue our work in a number of important ways and allow us to continue to advocate for Black students and families.

PoBC Operating Costs

PoBC as an organization is a small grass-roots team, that takes on high-capacity cases with a donation of $100, you can help us keep the lights on and our team growing!

Our Systems Navigation

We’ve grown as a grass-roots organization, more than ever. We are getting an enormous number of families reaching out for support. A donation of $50 helps us complete the intake process for 1 family with our systems navigators.

The PoBC Mental Health Fund

This year we were able to support Black youth and parents of Black children by connecting them with professional therapists and funding their sessions. A donation of $120 provides 1 hour of therapy to a parent or child.

The OMO Virtual Africentric Campus and virtual tutoring program

We have worked with hundreds of students to provide free tutoring and access to a culturally relevant learning experience, this includes drop-in homework help and our Edge Tutoring program. A donation of $70 provides tutoring support for 1 child for 1 week.

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