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Our Parent Councils: Uniting for Change

At PoBC, our local Parent Councils play a pivotal role in bringing parents together to foster peer support and strengthen the bonds within our communities. We firmly believe that by enhancing communication between parents, we can more readily identify common challenges and unite collectively to discover effective solutions.

These Parent Councils serve as a vital bridge, providing clearer insight into how local schools and authorities are serving our demographic as a whole. By amplifying our collective voice, they empower parents to take collective action, driving change within their local communities.

Through these councils, we’re building a foundation for positive change, ensuring that the unique needs and concerns of our children are acknowledged, addressed, and, ultimately, transformed into meaningful action. It’s a testament to the power of community and collective effort, reinforcing our commitment to creating a brighter future for all Black children.

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Black Parent Council

Purpose of Regional Black Parent Councils


To organise regionally to identify and address issues in local schools and services.


To speak with one collective voice across the locality in relation to Parents of Black Children.


To provide informed information on the views of parents and families of Black Children to stakeholders in the local Education and adjacent systems.


To organise local activities and events that provide parent education and resources for enhancing educational outcomes for our children.


To increase the engagement of Parents in our community with the school system. To empower Black parents and families to actively participate in schools and their leadership, to endorse programs, and to become members of Parent-Teacher Associations and School Boards.


To facilitate communication with Black parents and to promote collaboration between the Black community and schools in providing support for the equitable education of Black children.


To assist parents when aid is needed in navigating the education system. To advocate locally on behalf of Black parents, guardians, and students.


To broker enhanced services and facilities with local youth services and community organisations by relaying the needs of Black Children and their families.

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