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Empowering Black Families and Communities

At Parents of Black Children (PoBC), we are advocates committed to supporting and speaking up for Black children and their families. Our mission is to confront and dismantle anti-Black racism and systemic barriers within the education and related systems. We aim to broaden the reach of effective and equitable education for our Black children while nurturing their potential and future prospects.

A Global Force for Change

PoBC is an international organization that spans across Canada, parts of the United States, and the United Kingdom. This global perspective has given us insights into the stories and voices of Black parents and children worldwide. We understand all too well the pervasive impact of anti-Black racism, which affects not only our children’s educational journeys but also destabilises our families and communities.

Creating a Virtual Village

Our primary goal is to foster a community of Black parents, forming a virtual village where we can provide mutual support and rediscover the cultural systems and traditions that help rebuild our families and communities.

Education and Resources

Parents and educators alike can access the support and resources required to navigate the educational system effectively. We work together to develop strategies and offer recommendations aimed at enhancing the educational experience and outcomes of Black children.

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